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Photo Finishing is an Art

We take care of your images from refinement thru to display
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The 3 critical steps in Photofinishing


Your raw images are the starting point in photofinishing which makes refinements to  convey a story style. Coloring, exposure, focus, retouching,  smoothing, sharpness are just some of the photo enhancements  available to enable your best image expression.


This step centers on cropping, resizing, sharpening and most importantly optimizing the image size for display. The trick is to match the size of the image to the amount of compression possible. Too often, no compression is done leading to slow load times.


The final step is deciding how to best display an image. and its companions. Should it stand alone or be part of a gallery. If a standalone image, should there be a border and captioning. And if a gallery, then use a slider or broader album layout in any of 4 or 5 styles. How you display an image and link it to the broader website is a critical choice too.

Our Creative Team

Jacques Surveyer

Jacques Surveyer


As a photographer and video artist, Jacques creates and refines many of our images and media. However, styling and display are also a forte with experience in slider animation and collages display motifs.
Mayre de Rouane

Mayre de Rouane


Mayre has a European classic styling background however  with a contemporary flair. She creates with a striking bold new energy
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Mayre maintains a classic look but as you can see from these images has flair for the humorous as well.

Raul Guarev

Raul Guarev

Painter & stylist

Raul’s painting influences his design motifs with a strong mellifluous color and motion  to be found in his works. Look for subtle hues with a splash of drama in his creations .
Sanya Treble

Sanya Treble

Painter & decorator

Look for style and form  in Sanya’s artistry. Symmetry rules with a dash of dramatic color or strokes revealing another shifting, animated style to be found in her scene and works

See the classic styling and plays on symmetry.

Our Portfolio of Images and Designs


Our Portfolio of Images and Designs

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