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This page is brought to you by Beaver Builder Standard. This is currently one of the top five PageBuilders for WordPress. It has drag and drop UI layout,  inline text editing,  a robust Text Editor widget that duplicates your TinyMCE Advanced settings very well, a solid page templating system with ability to save your own customized page templates. 

The page templating system is very substantial so a screenshot is provided in the next column. Read some of the documentation on Beaver Builder templates here.


How Symmetry Mill Works

Symmetry Mill allows users to control 17 symmetry patterns used to generate a design from a user supplied image.In the example below the Pumpkin Large Motif Motif pattern was produced from the Pumpkin Squash image shown just above it. By dragging the motif pattern over the image, 100’s of patterns are presented to users. This is the basic pattern of Symmetry Mill usage.

Dirty Dogs Cleaned-up Using Pixlr

There are three Dirty Dog image types that predominate. First, are underexposed images abound because most camera sensors average the brightness-contrast for the complete image leading to slight or even pronounced under-exposure of an images main subject. Fortunately, Pixlr has a wide range of tools to fix these problems.

Photoscape for Batch Photo Edits

Beside havinga broad rane of of photo editing tools for cropping, resizing, color corrections, etc. Photoscape has a number of data display options including collages and tabular frames. And almost all is availlble for batch editing too.

PhotoFinishes Header Logo

One of the pleasures of having a Photo Design website is the opportunity to show-off some of the techniques and skills you are covering in the websites tutorials.. Here are 2 references used in creating the header- Online Color Design Tools and Canva.com - Online Design School.


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